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Financial Highlights

SCEL recognizes that each lottery dollar transferred to the Education Lottery Account is critical to enhancing educational opportunities. For fiscal year 2022-23, for every dollar that we gross, 65.77 percent is paid as prizes to winners. The retailer commissions equate to 7 percent of every dollar and retailer incentives are 0.03 percent. Of the total amount, 2.24 percent pays for a combination of administration costs, gaming costs, and advertising to promote product sales. The residual portion, 24.92 percent, is transferred to the Education Lottery Account.

By statute, SCEL’s administrative percentage and the 7 percent mandated retailer commission must not exceed 15 percent. SCEL is currently operating at well below the mandated percentage.

Breakdown of Lottery Dollars*

Prizes: 65.77%
Net Profit: 24.92%
Retailer Commissions & Incentives: 7.03%
Gaming Cost: 1.12%
Administrative: 0.68%
Advertising: 0.43%

* Since inception in 2002.

Other financial data indirectly related to the Lottery

Indirect lottery financial data that has a bearing on state government include the following:

  • More than $235.9 million withheld in S.C. Income Tax from lottery winnings.*
  • More than $4.0 million collected in debt set-off and unpaid child support.*

It is our desire that South Carolinians view our agency as a fiscally conservative, socially aware business enterprise.