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Ticket Orders

Thank you for being a South Carolina Education Lottery Retailer!

Our Marketing Sales Representatives (MSRs) assist our Lottery retailers with their instant ticket inventory to ensure they have a necessary supply to enhance sales. Each retailer is assigned to a MSR that will be familiar with their retail location and has information about the instant inventory for that location. We have two options available to our retailers:

Auto Ordering - Any retailer can be set up on our auto ordering feature, which means the system can review your inventory information, know what tickets are needed and create your order without the need of calling the location or manually placing an order. This option will save time for retailers because they do not have to determine their inventory needs and let our system automatically review and place the necessary order. For this reason, this is the recommended option to receive ticket orders for our retailers.

MSR Orders - Your MSR will have information for your store such as current inventory in stock, number of days left in inventory, orders in transit and the average number of packs sold each week for every available game. Together, with this information, the MSR can assist you in placing the optimal ticket order for your location.

Our goal is to keep on average, a 14 day supply of each game at your location, while in most cases, sending no more than one order per week. If you have instant ticket inventory needs, please contact your MSR directly for your order.