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Q: A large part of lottery proceeds go to support scholarships and grants for S.C. residents. How do I apply for these scholarships and grants?
A: The S.C. General Assembly is responsible for the criteria set forth for scholarship eligibility. The financial aid office at your school (either the one you currently attend or the one you are applying to) will be able to help you apply for lottery-funded scholarships and grants. Click here for scholarship eligibility requirements provided by the Commission on Higher Education.

Q: How much money from lottery sales actually goes to support education?
A: Since the first lottery ticket sale in January of 2002, the Education Lottery has transferred $7.8 billion for appropriation by the General Assembly to support educational programs for students of all ages in South Carolina.

Q: Who makes the decisions on how lottery net proceeds are appropriated?
A: The S.C. General Assembly makes all decisions on how the Lottery's net proceeds are appropriated. Check the Executive Budget Office, Department of Administration's website for information on appropriations of lottery funds.

Q: If the Lottery is doing so well, why are property taxes for schools increasing and school children not provided with basic classroom supplies?
A: Lottery proceeds are to supplement public education and not to replace revenues raised by local governments for educational purposes.

Q: How much lottery money has my county received?
A: All public schools and county libraries receive appropriations from lottery funding. The distribution formula is set by the General Assembly. Click here for county-by-county distribution. This information is updated annually by the Commission on Higher Education, Tuition Grant Commission, State Department of Education, and the State Library System (for the years the Library receives appropriations).

Q: How much is spent on advertising?
A: State law permits SCEL to spend up to 1 percent of gross lottery sales for the purpose of advertising. We have a conservative management philosophy and work to create marketing campaigns that respect the viewpoints of all our citizens. The Lottery should be viewed as a vehicle to provide entertainment options to adults. Advertising content then generally falls into three distinct categories: product specific, educational program funding, and play responsibly. The end result is SCEL’s marketing message to potential players invites possible play if: the individual is of age (at least 18 years old), is looking to be entertained, and uses discretionary income to play.

Q: What programs at my child’s school are supported using the lottery funds?
A: The S.C. Lottery Act states that lottery funds must be used as new funds to create new programs and opportunities and may not be used to replace funding that already exists. For a listing of programs that are funded by lottery dollars, please visit the Executive Budget Office, Department of Administration's chart of Education Lottery Appropriations.

Q: Are there websites available for additional information?
A: For more information on scholarship assistance or “Where the Money Goes,” please visit:
South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (scholarships and grants) at
South Carolina Department of Education (K-12) at
South Carolina Technical College System (technical and 2-year colleges) at
South Carolina Tuition Grants Commission at