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Mega Millions® Jackpot Reaches Record $1.55 Billion

8/7/2023 9:57:10 AM

COLUMBIA, SC (August 7, 2023)With no winner in Friday night’s Mega Millions® drawing, Tuesday’s draw just got a lot more interesting.

Someone stands to win an unprecedented $1.55 BILLION and lay claim to the largest jackpot in Mega Millions® history.

That’s a $757 million cash payout for whoever can overcome odds of 1 in 303 million.

The Education Lottery urges players to play smart by playing responsibly and to safeguard your prize by signing the back of your ticket.

“While it’s fun to imagine what it would be like to win a life changing jackpot, don’t forget what’s important,” said SC Lottery Executive Director Hogan Brown. “Play in moderation and certainly do not spend money you don’t have or need for more important uses.”

In Friday night’s drawing more than 75,000 players in South Carolina won prizes from $2 up to $20,000. Tickets for Tuesday’s drawing are $2 and in SC must be purchased by 10 p.m. for the drawing at 11.

Tuesday’s jackpot shatters the record previously set by Mega Millions, when a $1.5 billion jackpot was won in Simpsonville, SC, in October of 2018.

Good luck, South Carolina! Please Play Responsibly!

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